A Fresh Start

I love every season, I love the changes. They remind me of the flow of life. It's never static.

In Spring, I like to see how plants burst forth with new buds. It's an affirmation that life goes on, even when, in the dead of Winter, it doesn't seem like it will. Like Audrey Hepbrun said, to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow (you can get this fabbo quote as a free download from the wonderful people over at Flow Magazine. Seriously the best magazine ever).

I would add that working on your wellness is also to believe in tomorrow. 

If you garden, Spring is an excellent time to practice getting into all kinds of squats, which are useful for many, many reasons. They build mobility & stability in your lower body, they help you maintain the musculo-skeletal fitness you need to get up and down off the floor, they help your abs and pelvic floor function well, and this deep squat - which we call malasana in yoga - is one of the ways to optimally, er... eliminate - and this is why. Also, a great way to give birth, if you are of the female & pregnant persuasion. 

squatting in the garden

Sophie sums up a good few of them really well (yes, these are her feet & legs):

At the moment, for some reason I don’t quite understand, I’m fascinated with squats of all kinds—low, high, heels on ground, heels lifted, legs close together, legs far apart, one-legged. Legs engaged, pelvis stable, I play with the shape of my spine, lengthening it out in different directions, noticing the extra mobility that comes from having a stable base. And then I realise what it is that I love so much about squats—more than any other shape, they’re what’s helped me build that stability in my feet and the lower half of my body, which has begun to free up the upper half for more mobility; it’s squats, in which I move towards and away from the ground underneath me, that I’ve come to notice better my relationship with what’s under my feet.

Keen to join a Spring Squat Challenge? Technique pointers for a good squat here and we'd love to see your favourite squats: just post a pic on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #mmyogasquat so we can see them!