A Day In The Life Of a Yoga Teacher: Erin

I was lucky enough to convince Erin - who works with our team and also on her own business - to share HER morning rituals with us, as part of our 'day in the life' blog series.

My daily routine varies a little depending on the day and what time my first morning class is but looks a lot like this:

6.30am: wake up, oil pull, dry body brush, shower, drink 1-2 glasses of lemon in warm water

7.00am:  yoga practice (I often fit this in later in the day depending on time and how I feel), 30 minutes meditation.

8.00am: breakfast: recently I've been loving amaranth, pumpkin and coconut porridge or a poached egg on gluten free toast with avocado, kale and cashew cheese.

8.30am: I am working on creating a new habit where I don't check emails first thing in the morning, instead I start tackling my to do list (which I try to write the night before).  I try and knock over one of the hardest tasks first so I'm not procrastinating and feel a sense of accomplishment.  As I have multiple areas in my business; yoga teaching, health coaching and I'm a Doterra essential oil wellness advocate my work will vary from day to day whether it's paper work, planning my classes, working on my health coaching or essential oil business.  

10.00: head off to teach a yoga class

1pm: Lunch:  Whenever I can I try to have a big nourishing lunch as I normally teach in the evening so a big lunch not only helps keep me sustained longer but also means I don't need to eat a huge dinner which is preferable as it's better for my digestive system and quality of sleep.  

1.30pm - 4pm: work on my business

4pm onwards; if I'm teaching in the evening and most weekdays I do, I'll head off to teach 1 or 2 classes.

7.30pm onwards: return home to have dinner, spend time with my partner and wind down for bed.

You can find Erin teaching with mm...Yoga! and catch up with all her doings over on her website