A Soul Soothing Yoga Sequence

You know when times are bad? When you feel down? Anxious, tired, yucky all around?

What music do you put on?

What yoga do you practice?

Here's a sequence I love to soothe anxiety and remind me that you can't control life, only how you react. So you may as well surrender to what is (which is called ishvarapranidhana in yoga-speak).

These images were first published way back in July 2007, so let's overlook the sheared ribs and hyperextended elbows, and just admire cute-me-from-the-past, ok?

Oh, and I made a video of this sequence for our email subscribers, because they asked. If you want it, join up & I'll send you the link (and a free yogAttitude kit).

Happy practicing xx

A nice, anxiety-releasing backbend sequence.

A soul soothing yoga sequence

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Start with surrender in child's pose, knees apart, feet together.
  • Inhale into a deep kneeling back arch, as deep as is comfy and safe for you.
  • Exhale and surrender into child again.
  • Inhale and flip over your knees into this back arch (kapotasana variation maybe?)
  • Exhale and surrender forward into a full prostration.
  • Inhale and flip back over your knees into the kapotasana variation (I call it King Cobra or Snake with a Tail, depending n whether I'm teaching grownups or kids)
  • Exhale and surrender into child again.
  • Inhale into your deep kneeling back arch.
  • Surrender back into child's pose.

Repeat this as many times as you like!