How to boost your immunity this Winter (plus a giveaway)

Winter is coming... 

(Okay, maybe it's already here)

And with it the cold and flu season. Ick. But yoga can help give your immune system a little extra ammunition against the dreaded lurgy in the colder months. We made a little infographic to show you how.

Instructions for:

Down dog here

Child's pose here

Tadasana (Mountain pose) here

Legs up the wall pose here

And we have a giveaway!

We have five copies of the 'Salute the Desk' app for iPhone and iPad to give away.

It's a really cool app - it reminds you to take regular stretch breaks, and you get little goals to work towards (see image below). It's awesome too that the person who finally, finally made a non-sucky yoga app is a local Melbourne lady.

To enter, just leave a comment below, or reply to the newsletter saying 'yes please'.

You have until midnight Sunday 11 May to enter and winners will be announced on Facebook on Tuesday 13 May.