You’re a busy person. You might work in Melbourne’s bustling CBD. Or you might work from home. Either way, finding time to take care of your health can be a real challenge.


Does this sound like you?

  • I haven’t exercised in years! I don’t have the time or stamina to commit to a regular exercise routine.

  • I can’t afford yoga classes or gym memberships.

  • I want to inspire a healthy culture for my workplace but don’t know how.

  • I can’t stand exercising in a room full of people I don’t know.

  • I’m terribly unfit and the idea of challenging myself is scary.

mm…Yoga helps tip the work/life balancing act in your favour by bringing yoga classes to you. Our friendly and professional team of Yogis yogis will help you get moving, fit and flexible with yoga and remedial massages in Melbourne.


How we do it

mm…Yoga is short for Melbourne Mobile Yoga. We’re passionate about inspiring healthy lifestyles through bringing personalised yoga to our clients, wherever they are.


We aim for:

Affordability – Our yoga classes are competitively priced because groups split the cost between them. We charge a flat rate of $165 per one-hour corporate class and yoga at home starts at $95. You can book a one-on-one private yoga session or spread the cost between a maximum of 15 people or 8 people at home – it’s up to you!


Accessibility – Don’t have time to attend regular yoga classes? We save you time by bringing yoga to your home or your workplace.


Sovereignty – We empower you with the tools and techniques to get your body moving, fit and flexible. We do this by taking a flexible approach when teaching yoga, and work with our clients to help them understand what is right for their bodies. Using a variety of yoga styles, techniques and movements, our yoga classes will challenge your body and mind.


Fun – Our yoga classes offer you a break from your busy schedule with a comfortably challenging exercise routine. We sometimes call it ‘slow power yoga’ .You can expect lots of lunges, squats, planks, and gentle breathing exercises. We do a lot of strength and postural work work, too, so you can get through your day feeling comfortable and calmer.


What style of yoga do teamm…yoga teach?

It varies from group to group – does your group want a challenging experience, or do they want to stretch and strengthen? Because everyone’s effort levels and degree of competitiveness are different, we ensure our yoga teachers are a perfect match for your group’s personality, fitness levels, and corporate culture.


Your yoga will be as unique as you are.


Our yoga teachers come from many different walks -of -life, and each have their own individual style and approach to teaching yoga.

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